Lunch decisions


let DiS decide (at least some element of) your lunch!!!

  • gorge on pizza pilgrims
  • get a boring misery sandwich from pret or similar

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Respect the Pormat?




pizza pilgrims are kinda crap in my experience
still pizza tho

  • Meat Option 1
  • Meat Option 2
  • Veggie Option
  • Soup of the day
  • Packaged sandwich

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  • Use my last £3 on lunch, walk home
  • Transport

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where bounce you working hun?


Acton :joy: quite a walk but doable


oh fucking hell! can i paypal you a tenner? :smiley:


Maccies day


Aw that’s lovely of you to offer mate but couldn’t do that.


giz some options pls

  • Spaghetti hoops on toast
  • Spaghetti hoops atop toast

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I made this last night (minus the butter and the parmesan) so I have leftovers

I’ll pop out later for snacks


everything’s onions lunch, m8.


read my mind!


pizza pilgrims

  • bit crap
  • “une pizza est une pizza” - Godard

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got rumbled doing something similar for the first time the other day. just said something like ‘oh must have pressed the wrong button! silly me’

the scam is foolproof.

  • cheese and beef burger
  • same but Camembert Bites too


Pizza Union is superior.