Lunch ffs

For some bizarre reason i got coronation chicken which i didnt enjoy and also chucked down the front of my white tshirt. Just great.


East Anglian jacket potato/tuna mayo/lukewarm water

I sometimes call coronation chicken “jubilee chicken” instead.

Why is that?

I think I read somewhere that that’s what it was called originally so sometime I call it that.

You’ll NEVER guess what I’m having.

a single plum in perfume served in a man’s hat?

lovely jubilee chicken

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Sometime I have it near a baked potato

a freddo


Not quite there. But so very close.

supermarket salad probably? it’ll be shit

too hot cba eating

Had some toast and peanut butter, a coconut water and some watermelon. Going to have one of my kid’s ice poles in a minute. Humidity was over 75% here earlier but it’s dropped down to the mid 50s and so much better!


Gazpacho, obviously

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