Lunch Friday dinner time


that is a very “busy” pizza

Awwww yeah

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Had a misery canteen packed lunch because I’ve got a call in a minute, but here is the real lunch story: I have just witnessed one of the new people on my floor drain a tin of kidney beans in the sink and tip the lot into a tupperware bowl of eggy rice that they had just microwaved.

I am now wondering if anyone told them that the canteen is free.

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Cheese and cucumber sandwich. It’s gone now.


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Oh my word that’s filth.

I’m having tomato soup with water biscuits and butter

Really struggling to see where you’d get enough traction with the scissors, for a start.

Anyone pretending that they wouldnt immediately swap their lunch for matt’s pizza is a liar


Maccies. Not having dinner so got mozzarella dippers as well

Don’t think I’ve got enough lactase at work to take on that mess.

that looks filthy

would absolutely smash that.

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I’ve got a ‘shared’ lunch with the delegates of the training I’m attending this afternoon. Am so cross about having to attend this training! Even the prospect of a free lunch is not motivating me.

Nip to Fitzbillies for a chelsea bun.

spicy chicken, bacon, mushroom & brie :yum:

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ham and mustard sandwich (homemade bread)
carrot and coriander soup

Calm down, Richard Keys.

i’m hungry as fuck

Even after reading the thing about the kidney beans?

tbh i didn’t read it