Lunch is it?

Mushroom, asparagus and cheddar omelette for your boy. Massive, fresh orange yolkers, 8/10

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Definitely not going to my usual salad place.

nothing, at this rate :frowning: :cold_face:

Going to take a drive to Plymstock for McDo.

Dropped points are because I’ve run out of peppercorns, and cause it could’ve done with a small portion of beans on the side.

What’s your order martfunkz.

Burger and chips. It is ‘food festival’ day at the soulless out of town business park I work at.

The burger had Monterrey jack cheese and chorizo on it.

I’ll be ordering whatever the Taste of America burger is, large fries, fanta and a double cheeseburger.


think i want a massive salad

dunno what the best high street salad is. most supermarket options are pretty terrible.

cous cous and roasted med veg, just about passable/10

Spenos are good. And the tesco finest jobs are very good (and 2 for £4 I think). The miso edamame avocado crush thing is banging

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Pro move. Used to stick the single free cheeseburger for students into my big mac for a 4 tiered monstrosity.


Pret Chefs Italian Chicken Salad or whatever it’s called.

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Do this with the 99p chicken mayo burger sometimes.

Have been known in my youth to have a land, air and sea (cheeseburger, filet o’ fish, and chicken burger smashed into one bun).

Disgusting, frankly

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Mushroom ravioli in the work canteen, actually really good.

Tempted to do this today now tbh

Having leftover Chinese hoisin and pepper beef and rice. Didn’t intend to be all wanky with the rice it just came out of the container like that

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veggie tempura with rice and teriyaki sauce for me clive

After yesterday’s noodle debacle I’m heading to 7-11 to buy a microwave meal or something. Let’s see what we can find…

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