Lunch is it?


I feel like you’ve got an AI making these up for you these days.

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Made a nice vege biriyani and then eated it.


BLT from a lovely deli called Madame Fromage in Cardiff.


pret were all sold out of salads so got a poke bowl from m&s

was okay /10


All sold out of salads? :open_mouth:

Never had a poke bowl.


well they had a couple of sad looking nicoise left but that was it

obviously not as good as something from an actual poke restaurant but was actually pretty dece


Wicked (Tesco vegan range) do good salads.


Also the best salad in Glasgow is the salad bar at Jules, Argyle St.

Too hot to eat anything today. I’ve had three strawberries and I feel sick.


will need to check that out


Translates as “Mrs Crunch”


Errr. Right ok.


I had some absolutely delicious veggie sushi