Lunch is my only friend

Bien sur

What you having?


It was bleak, and it’s now gone :frowning:


Made some hash browns, had them with fried eggs and spinach. Dill mustard for condiments. Tres bien, would eat again.

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Just finished it. Bacon sandwich. Might have another.

I could just copypasta this every other day.


Do you ever have those readymade supermarket burritos that you get and they come in little black plastic trays? You have them?

had a mozzarelle and pesto baguette plus one of those bullshit posh apple fizzy drinks.

You’ve got a problem m9
(I’m having chilli coated nuts)

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I used to have the sainsbury’s ‘ready 2 go’ chicken burrito for lunch a lot, but ended up getting pretty bad heartburn.

1 x cheese and cucumber sammich on brown bread
1 x packet of knock-off m&s wotsits
1 x satsuma (don’t get me started on this ‘easy peeler’ business
1 x iced and spiced bun (peng)
1 x salted caramel hazelnut millionaire bar (still to eat)

Never had one but my wife’s colleagues used to make fun of her coz she ate them for lunch so often back in the US

Yes! Cheese tasters!

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Literally bulging out the bag (matron!)

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Lunch is my only friend


You’ve already been warned about this.

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Well i ate it :yum:

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Massive salad.

Already had a pre-lunch of half a pita with falafel and a Babybel (part of a trolley coming round our desks giving out free healthy food as part of “wellbeing week”)

babybels are healthy?!

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Politely disagree