Lunch is my only friend

M&S Turkey Feast sarnie

chicken and bacon caesar baguette from the best sandwich shop in Cardiff.

How is it? Was thinking of starting a Christmas Sandwich thread on the way into the office this morning, but it feels like it should wait until November.

finally found the quote for my headstone


We’ve only got that one in so far. Main launch is November, so I’d hold off until then.

I’ve always liked the Turkey Feast sandwich, and I work for M&S, so I’m pretty biased.

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@ericthefourth where do I sign up to do an AMA?

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Fresh? Would have said Bonjour Baguette but that’s sadly departed.

got it in one Shiggles. Where was Bonjour Baguette ?

Working lunch: choice of finger food (sandwiches, mini burgers, etc.)

Had a mozzarella, tomato and spinach wrap and a kale and walnut frittata.
And a Firefly lemon, lime & ginger drink, obviously.

Mackintosh Place, just up from Dalchini and Frankies. It was awesome.

Thinly-veiled ‘I have a Core i5’ picture :wink:

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Shepherd’s Pie and veg - Homemade because my parents are visiting and Wor Lass goes into Domestic Goddess mode whenever they’re here.


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just had a burrito. it was #alright

£15 though. norway is killing me

I used to be allowed an i7 in the past :cry:

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hey man, we have the same processor. my laptop’s a piece of shit

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I appreciate you putting a positive spin on this. It wasn’t a bad sandwich, just that other people’s lunches seem more fun!

(Be the change you want to see in yourself, CCB)