Lunch lunch lunch

I didn’t have a very exciting lunch (cheese and ham toastie and a strawberry milk) but I’m bored so tell me all about your lunch today, ideally with pictures and a x/10 rating.

y’know what I might get a SANDWICH


chicken and sweetcorn “chowder” (£1.30)
bought a cheese-topped roll in from home to have with it
pot of edamame beans in chilli and soy sauce (£1.50)

have some satsumas for later

quite good (8/10), think i’m going to start bringing in a roll every day and buy the soup downstairs cos at £1.30 it’s pretty good

That sounds balanced and healthy :+1:

Bought an £8.85 poke bowl then remembered I’m not a massive fan of it

Feel sick now


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Y’know what my work has promised me a free takeaway since about a month ago because I’m such a stone cold legend and they’ve not stumped up. One of these days!

Home made salad. Pretty good tbf:

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Gonna do myself some scrambled egg and beans and/or bacon.

Cup a soup and a cheese sandwich. Pretty underwhelming tbh.

Still on the pate sangas m9s, duck and orange today.


Possibly an M&S Chicken & Avocado Sarnie, S&V Crisps and a smoothie. I’ve left this task with the office Rodney Plonker though so we’ll see what transpires upon his return.

Big bowl o’ ramen with shiitake muschrooms, pork belly, kimchi, and a lovely soft boiled egg

top :ok_hand:

Not taking this from someone eating chowder, you Moorgate mook.

I feel like you might need more than that.

Sweet tooth huh?

1 slice of seeded wholemeal bread, toasted.
1 dollop of butter
Half a tin of tuna in sunflower oil, drained
1 teaspoon of mayonnaise
5 twists of cracked black pepper
a fist full of fresh coriander
2 leafs of cos lettuce, chopped up
a cup of coffee with a few splooshes of semi skimmed milk.

That’s a very January kind of lunch

It’s all I ever seem to have for lunch tbh :slight_smile: haha.