Lunch me lunch me, say that you lunch me



feed me feed me, go on and feed me


anything special lined up? think i might try and score some :sushi:


I’m fucking hungry and some prick has booked a 12 oclock meeting.

My main topic of discussion at this meeting will be my stomach and how hungry it is. They should know this by now.


prob have scrambled eggs on toast, maybe a couple linda sausages if there’s any left




Tin of mushroom soup
A peach

Miserable innit.


Currently eating breakfast :sunglasses:


yeah that’s pretty grim :grimacing:

defo eat them separate would be my recommendation


packed lunch wanker today:

falafel wrap
mini cheddars
cherry tomatoes
toffee crisp honeycomb biscuit
posh tesco yogurt


Forgot to pick up my bread on the way out of the door didn’t I

Will have to go searching for carbs


Love a Linda


do you put the tomatoes in the wrap or do you just eat them concurrently


Was offered a share of a spicy chicken pizza. Sounded good I thought, until I saw it was a Dr Oetkers. Meh.


Burrito Friday for me. Please choose my Burrito destination:

  • Benito’s Hat
  • Chilangos
  • Barburrito
  • Daddy Donkey

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would have put them in myself but plasticmichael made the wrap and forgot


This is very unhelpful. I’m starving here dammit


I’ve just voted but it hasn’t helped


beans on toast I think.


“Weeks later, as the catabolysis kicked in and his organs, now irreparable, slowly shut down, he regretted designating his lunch choice to the posters on community.drownedinsound”


Had southern fried chicken, chips and beans in the canteen.

The southern fried chicken in this place is absolutely spot on :ok_hand:


i’ve never been to any of them