Lunch me

What are you eating? Are you eating? Weekend yeah, treat yo’self. I’ve been thinking Subway all morning but I’m open to suggestions.

For the next five minutes.

Quite fancy a bacon, brie and cranberry sarnie. Might wander to the pub.

I was just wondering what I was going to have myself

Leftover chilli, even though I’m leaving the house(!!!) to go and pick up a gig ticket and normally go to itsu or the falafel van if I manage to make it outside


Leftover chilli’s a great pull though. If that wasn’t there, you’d be sacking off planned lunch for falafel fun.

egg mayo roll from spence bakery (my favourite shit, mannnnnnnn)
cheese + onion squares

This sounds spot on imho (the h is for heinous). I want the same.

Falafel from the fancy place in St Nick’s market (never been before and only work here for one more week), probably a fancy coffee too.

Half-considering doing both tbh, my falafel man is a god amongst men

I had Max Burger for the second Friday in a row :shame:

In my hungry opinion, it was good

would go a burrito but all the ones in glasgow are shit and expensive so prolly not going to have one

“Lunch me, pond scum.”

had a cheese sarnie and a banana

Is that the swedish place?

Aye, sure is

going to have some leftover chorizo slop probably with some garlic bread

Tesco Meal Deal.

Tikka Chicken and Mango Chutney sandwich
Mature Cheddar & Red Onion Tesco Finest Crisps
Naked Mango Smoothie

Had an African wrap with falafel, sundried tomatoes, feta and chicken from a place called… African Wrap Place