Lunch me

I’m a bit scared of my sandwich today… I made it with some left over shredded beef and ultra hot salsas left over from dinner the other day. At least it’s not tuna again. I’m sure it’ll be fucking amazing.

Anyway, what things do your canteens/shops/lunchboxes/etc/etc have in store for you? Is @ericthefourth eating a burrito? As always I will wish I was eating your lunch, not mine.

It’s a special celebratory day today at work so the canteen was all weird, but I had Mexican chicken stew with red bean rice and black bean salad. It was the only thing they did I can eat, but it was pretty ok.

God I don’t know.

I love toast. I wish I was having your toast.

Got leftover spag bol from last night’s tea.

I’m mucho hungry though. Might buy something to accompany it. Bit of salad or something.

It doesn’t exist yet, suppose I should go out.

cheese and ham sandwich
packet of walkers MAX deep ridge crisps (cheese and onion) - for me, the best crisp currently available
bottle of orangina

The rest of yesterday’s surprisingly tasty curried lentil soup, maybe followed by a chocolate bar if I can be bothered to leave the house

Making some black bean quesadillas with tomato, red onion and avocado salsa and jalapeños.

Just say “beans on toast” mate, nobody’s buying it.

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It’s not breakfast mate

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Are you the one who posted the 5 hour beans on toast?

If you get the chickpeas on now you’ll be able to have it for brunch tomorrow, at least.

You mean it’s possible to make them quicker???

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might get some beans on toast akshually

going to have some toast. I ate all my beans yesterday though. sad.

Splash of worcesteresterestershire sauce?

You blew (through) your beans yesterday?


splash of hot sauce

Subway melt on wheat bread. White chocolate and macadamia cookie. Bosh.