Lunch me

think i’ll go to Leon today, not been in a while. gonna try to stick to my £5 limit but i don’t fancy my chances.


Chicken sandwich, funsize Morrison’s own brand Twix, apple and diet Coke.

Not at all satisfying but I eat way too quickly and my brain doesn’t catch up.

I’m out for dinner later so will just grab a £10 salad again for lunch


Just popping out now, will update.


having a hot chicken sandwich like yesterday.

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Had a couple of sausages and a couple of poached eggs at about 10.30.

Giving lunch a miss cos I’ll be having a pre-match KFC at about 6pm.

Had some goujons at 11

Turns out there wasnt a leon where i thought there was anyway. Got some noodles and tofu for £5.25. So near, so spar.

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Same old cheese sandwich and a pear. Trying to resist the vending machine but it’s calling to meeeee.

No idea what the other woman in the canteen is eating but it’s absolutely drowning in thyme, I can smell it from here.

brought in a homemade wrap
mini cheddars
blue riband


Almost the same as yesterday, cheese and ham toastie, salted caramel and hazelnut millionaire, strawberry and vanilla smoothie

Wfh so leftovers. Lamb kofta meatball Things, cous cous, tzatziki and a pitta

There’s ‘indian burrito’ places everywhere right now (in central london). What you saying?

  • Yes!
  • Open to it but… bit odd
  • Nahhh

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gonna go a bit profk tapas here, but they’re not burritos, are they? they’re curry wraps.

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unless they include the essential ingredients of rice, beans and a mexican wrap in addition to curry filling, in which case god save our souls.

Pilau, chana daal, roti?

Curry wrap


i wonder simply get a dosa or roti

or a kati roll

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