LUNCH ON A friday

Never done a lunch thread before

what shall I get kids? considering the schnitzel and asking for croquettes with it

All looks good except the turkey and the salmon. One of everything else.

its half ten


it’s always lunchtime somewhere

get the schnitzel

I had a thoroughly disappointing ‘ciabatta’ from the hot counter in tesco for breakfast.

thanks I will

Is the weight thing a Czech thing? (We went to a place in Prague that had the same on its menu).

I’d go Pork Schnitzel or Beef Slice.

It’s half ten mate. I’d go snitzel or however you spell it.

Never noticed it before

Eating lunch at 11am is a thing here, kind of weird

Off to pizzer hut

do you ever sing ‘ciabatta’ to dj pied piper

oh! ciabatta ciabatta ciabatta… style

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I’ll be reheating last nights takeaway leftovers (tofu Thai style fried rice and a mixed veg kung po)


not a great vegetarian selection tbh

edit: ah, the goulash is veggie is it?


I was going to suggest the special. You can get anything from the rest of the menu next week.

I’ve got a cheese and ham sandwich for my lunch, which will no doubt be history within a few minutes of it turning mid day.

Love croquettes. Even those plain potato ones from M&S. In fact I’d like those, with some KFC gravy on them.

But in reality what I’ll be having is a chai and some wotsits. Not a bad thing mind you.




Was about to post how much I would love a central european schnitzel right about now.

You must be looking forward to British food