Lunch Pix

or descriptions I guess. Ratings optional.


Halloumi + chickpea salad, veg and red lentil soup, cappuccino for afters. 9/10


that mug is so full its making me nervous


I had leftover couscous with various stuff thrown in. Then a lemon curd yoghurt and will probably have some dark chocolate cranbe3too because I can’t stop eating rn.

Also water.

ngl i spilled a small amount

No pics, but a ham and cheese baguette, chocolate flapjack and blood orange sparkling water. 6.7/10

Had some tomato soup. I’m sure you can imagine it.

hmm, what colour was it?

red as a beetroot

Nay pics cos my desk is a mess but:

1 x wholemeal pitta stuffed with cheese, mayo and tomato
1 x walkers crinkles ready salted
1 x satsuma
1 x white choc kit kat chunky
1 x raspberry eton mess dessert (reduced treat yo’self option)

list written in consuming order.

BBQ pork belly with fries and and apple ‘slaw. Will not be choosing this recipe again because as like last time I am eating dinner both portions in one go which means I won’t have dinner


i’d eat that

Ended up eating the meat then about half of the slaw and chips. Another one to file in the too much faff for Wednesday lunchtime category.

Someone in my office before had toast with just ghee on it, in lieu of butter. That’s weird, innit?

Looks delicious lol

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Beans and sausages on toast

microwave beefy bourgs

fine / 10. think that’s me tried everything in the rich-t high-protein range of ready meals

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What were the best ones

onion bhaji chicken curry
piri piri chicken + wedges
beef ragu with pasta (but probably because this one is like 200kcal more than the others)

they were all decent enough for ready meals tbf. not worth £4 a go though. i just get whatever one is reduced that day

I tried the onion bhaji one, it was quite nice

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I had a few things to do so lunch is running late. Pic will be incoming soon. Hope that’s ok.