Lunch plans that you've got


I’ve just had my first Christmas Dip of the Season. Turkey sausage bacon etc.


my plan is to find some lunch that is both healthy and filling. is this possible?




soup? filling? pull the other one, mate!! haha


Bread Soup


I have no lunch plans at the moment. Give me ideas please DiS!


@meowington where can i get a fuck off massive salad-y thing that’ll fill me up somewhere near tottenham court rd


Going to a meeting at one of the Oxford colleges and will get lunch - food is normally fairly good at these things :crossed_fingers:


I think there’s a vegan place opposite primark that does like a salad buffet thing??

Or there’s a vital ingredient in soho which is big salad. Get the roquito peppers!!!


I’m at home so I’m going to have a salad bagel


vital in soho will be suicide at lunch, wont it?


Yeah it’s suicide everywhere but it goes quickly

They also do hot shit now like rice and something and a bit of slaw


Yum :slight_smile:


wrap with these:

(+ hummous, carrot, spinach, sweet chili sauce)

mini cheddars
nature valley protein salted caramel bar


My banana wasn’t quite ripe enough :confused:


fuck it. burrito, isn’t it.


had an absolutely woeful burrito :frowning:


:grimacing: how so?


soggy, ingredients all separate, fell apart as soon as I picked it up. a travesty.