Lunch [Polls]

Should i go

  • Mozzo’s misery meal deal £3.75
  • Posh salad place £5.95

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wbu lunch huns

got some tomato soup and some bread

livin’ la vida loca

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way to poll, no-poll

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  • that sounds like a nice lunch joke
  • no

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I don’t get it

my lunch is tomato soup and some brown bread

does that sound nice, Tuna?


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That sounds like a nice lunch, Joke

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what’s in the Mozzo’s misery deal?

It’s Wednesday, nobody deserves anything other than a shitty meal deal on a Wednesday

  • Indisputably true
  • I am a wild hedonist who is responsible for the moral degradation of our species and it’s inevitable downfall

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prob egg n cress baguette, some shit drink and some pointless crisps

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  • Misery Tesco deal
  • Moderate price Salad place
  • Posh salad place
  • Jacket potato from the work canteen
  • Whatever street food thing is outside the office today

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egg and cress, have a word with yourself eric

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But it’s my Friday Tone Ant Tone

  • Fine
  • somehow not fine

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How come?

Change your vote on my poll accordingly @anon5266188

I’m going to b&m. It’s the one with the modern interior so it’s a nice day out.

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Rock & roll band tour, baby!


Why eat cress?