Lunch [Polls]

Oh yeah! In that case my poll response remains on accounts of the wild hedonism you are about to encounter.

i am (you are)

  • hungry as fuck
  • peckish :chicken:
  • not hungry

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I’m going to eat my left over caesar salad but without the leaves

he leaves the leaves

Why do you hate life so much

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Hungry as fuck but also tired and hungover so sort of need a bit of hunger to keep me awake

I love life. Just not got any leaves left cause I enjoyed too many yesterdi

Get some cress

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Probs gonna WFH so maybe soup and bread also? Maybe plus poached egg?

All coming together nicely.

  • Poached eggs go with everything
  • I’m a wrong 'un

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I too have a crusty roll and some chicken soup and am WFH.

Do i have it?

  • Yes
  • No pls state

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Add an :egg: and we’re talking

  • Small M&S, 2 minutes downstairs
  • Hospital canteen, downstairs then a 5 min walk

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What quality is the canteen?

It is now 12:16

  • I have eaten my lunch
  • I have not

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squeeze her, don’t tease her, never leave her
just try a little cress

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What if it’s these very badly named people again?

  • Still do it
  • Boycott due to awful name

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Varying. Haven’t been for a year because it was hit and miss. But I’ve eaten from the M&S a lot and the gamble is that there might be something better at the canteen :thinking:

serve that with a

  • pork pie
  • sausage roll

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I’m leaving at 12:30. Results of OP will be binding.

Voted accordingly

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