Lunch, then?


quite fancy a smoothie and a sandwich


I had a sandwich




went local cafe and had jacket potato with beans and side salad

was bloody gooooooooood


Paneer wrap.


Someone in my office just referred to tender stem broccoli as “stem cell”


Make an effort!


I had Ubi Manis soup from Nusa.
Rice and 2 breads obvs.

I’ve got a banana and chocolate bread slice from coco for 3pm.


Twice now, ok, he definitely thinks that’s what it’s called then.

  • correct him
  • leave him sound a twat forever

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Warmed feta in ciabatta with a dressing of cooked onion, chillis and a garnish of coriander.


What a stem!


you know those cheap rubbery pasta shells filled with cheese, one of those w/ diet coke


He’s gone now, thanks for participating. I’m sure his children will enjoy their stem cell vegetables for many a year.


Just medical publishers things?


cba m5,





get out of my thread then!


you’re not the boss of me


Had the parsnip fritter and butternut squash boots sandwich. Was ok. Did it in bang on 12 though.