Lunch thread and time eaten

see i thought that too but have been thinking about it recently.

these ones were bought yesterday and individually sealed so can’t be to do with that.


whey more like


I find I get the water if I’ve left the yoghurt out to warm to room temperature, so maybe your fridge isn’t very cold.

different fridges

do you think it’s time spent unfridged between supermarket and home fridge that does it?

nah ours does the same, our fridge works, and is cold and we don’t leave yogurt out

Maybe take a cool bag with you next time to test this theory.

Just started an experiment, opened one straight out the fridge and yes, there’s water. Will be stocking up on more tomorrow so will try one straight from the Lidl.

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aye but presumably it’s unfridged inbetween tescos and yr house

gtfo no

i would never buy yogurt in tescos

what about in a hostage situation


Are there seriously snowflakes who can’t handle seeing a bit of water on their yoghurt?

I noticed that my 75p yoghurt in Lidl is 100p in Tesco. That’s quite a difference.


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go for the lidl skyr

it’s really good

Hmmm maybe. I feel loyalty to Graham’s because they sponsor the Scotland woman’s hockey team.

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not a sausage, unbelievable, this bloody country

the crying smileys put me off

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Where’s the actual daily thread? Cannae find it