Lunch thread (CET)

I don’t even like the lunch thread but I’m starting it now for all my mainland Europe peeps (reprazent).

I’m going to have two sandwiches with cheese salad in them in approximately 30 minutes. You?

Probably grilled red squirrel on rye bread.

About to eat breakfast

Any squirrel in a storm

I want pizza

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I’m waiting for my lunch date. They are late.

I had a greggs baguette :cry:

That is not classy

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What was within the bread vessel?

Reheated shepherds pie. Once again failed to heat it thoroughly enough. Really dicing with death/acute food poisoning/the shits this week.

Have you checked the microwave hasn’t been replaced by @anon29812515’s science oven?

What the hell is wrong with you?

Dunno. We’ll find out in the next hour or two.

Just wait! Wait!

He already said he’s waiting for an hour or two tbf

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This is actually from earlier in the week but today’s lunch was pretty much the same as this

Homemade millet and spelt salad with sourdough and hummus with dukkah

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Had a sausage roll and a sausage and bean melt from Greggs

pork chop and veggies. no salad today.

Sweet potato, lentil and kidney bean soup, and a buttered bread roll on the side.