Lunch thread feat. meal deal twats

What’s for lunch, mates?

Misery deal wankers: how much you saving? Can you beat £2.51???

meal deals are a sad affair these days when it comes to eligible sandwich choice

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Dreadful canteen sandwich, awful packet of crisps, too green banana, redeeming Tunnocks Caramel Wafer.

Getting one of those smoothie things is cheating because literally nobody has ever paid RRP for one

That chicken thread has made me lose my appetite :neutral_face:

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I’m sure you could have pushed you snack saving somewhere

You can get big twixs and snickers etc in the Tesco meal deal

on a diet tho :frowning:

  • Vivera veggie burger
  • Reheated minestrone
  • Beans on toast
  • instant ramen

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maybe a slightly more artisan crisp?

1 x piece of Christmas cake
1 x slice of Christmas cake
1 x bit of Christmas cake
1 x satsuma

  • I always sing jambalaya to the tune of bamboleo when the opportunity arises
  • Tory option

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It’s Hank Williams or nothing.



I need more details on the difference between piece, slice and bit pls Irons.

sing it to this every time

ayayaya JAMBALAYA ayayayayeh

got a really big salad

also got a shitload of fruit


Was hoping to score a vegan sausage roll in Greggs. Didn’t have any though did they. Got a tepid vegetable bake instead, to go along with parmigiana leftovers from yesterday. Reasonable lunching.

Large tub full of roast veg, some pickles and some properly seasoned roast chicken

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dunno whether to go farmer’s market. always such massive queues and the food is cold by the time i get back to my office. What should I do lads?

2 people in front of me went to the 2 tills and both their shopping came to £4.50 and the tillers announced it together and it wasn’t a meal deal or anything and nobody cared but me

  • oh wow big wow Drnoozefest
  • mildly interesting
  • Holy MOTHER of GOD

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