Lunch thread for japes


What’s everyone having? I’m going to eat some delicious food.


Sunshine and cigs


I think I might have some cheesecake. That’s right, fucking cheesecake!

…And some other rubbish not worth mentioning.




Breatharian brethren.


so hungry.

miiiiiiiiiiight get a bagel. cafe near me does some kind of weekly special bagel so will scope that out.

argh now i’m thinking about food. 57 mins to go.


Not sure that’s how it works m8


Nout wrong with that. Yesterday I was taken for lunch at Wagamamas, then provided with Dominos for dinner. Because it was Father’s Day, I had a breakfast of a Snickers.

Sorry, I can’t hear you over all this diabetes.


got quesadillas w/ home-made blackbean paste; salsa & spicy sweetcorn salad.

Never had pre-made quesadillas for lunch (cold). better not be rank.


Chuckle chuckle, their white chocolate ginger cheesecake is drrrooooools


pretty much the only reason I go to wagamamas


Might just raid the salad bar and have a bit of salmon in the canteen.

Then again, there might be something really unhealthy, stodgy and tasty on offer…


Egg mayo on brown bap
Cheese and onion squares
Kinder bueno
Lychee rubicon

Happy wi’ that tbh


Run out of salt & vinegar?



I dont like what you’re suggesting, warno.


that looks very healthy :thumbsup:


a little too healthy

what’s the soup


leaves are obscuring the good stuff: loads of tomatoes with feta, butter beans with lovely tomato salsa, beetroot, beans + guacamole, chicken and cous cous, chilli brocolli, potato salad, coleslaw


that sounds pretty fucking tasty :slight_smile: