Lunch thread for japes


Tonight tho I’m going to make what I cooked in the hopes it might turn out okay but it turned out amazing - tofu (that I had to dry by squeezing out water for ages but it worked) dipped in batter and fried, and chips. With loads of lemon and vinegar it tasted so legit and the texture was completely fine


i love super dry fried tofu, especially with salt and chili omg *drool*


Gyros with Greek salad. Manchester Arndale food court


This sounds amazing! My Chinese takeaway order was always chili salt chicken and I miss it!


Chicken shashlik (sp?) from Tezza’s
Probably a coffee
Most likely more than one from Morrison’s own brand miniture: Twix, Mars bar or Milky Way.


the only reason i go is staff leaving dos


how are we all saying this then?

  • yee-ros
  • geer-os
  • geer-oh’s
  • jy-roh’s
  • other

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n.b. i know i’m saying it wrong



think it’s pronounced “kebab”


that’s offensive mate (probably)


Fucking yes mates.


you’re taking up too much fridge real estate if that’s a work jobbie, m1.

Thread for Scottish DiSers

Day off innit. I’m using it extremely well by sitting motionlessly with a fan pointed directly at my shirtless body.


keep going


A selection of handmade, market fresh salads:

  • chickpea, roasted pepper & spring onion
  • kale, walnut & pecorino
  • oak leaf lettuce, spinach and beetroot
  • thyme-roasted tomato


Stir fry cooked to order. Bangin