Lunch thread Nov619

Really needed this today

Pretty great for a tenner

What are you eating DiS?


Some leftover pizzer from last night

What flavour?

One bit of four cheese and one bit of pepperoni + jalapeños

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Sounds decent

Had some over night oats with seasonal fruits for brunch

Was absolutely insane. 200 rupees or just over £2


I forgot to bring lunch and I cant afford to buy any. There are some sandwiches at the event before my tour so in theory I can probably snaffle a few provided the guests don’t eat them all.

that looks so good. would smash.

Are you living your best life right now? :smiley: I’m so jealous

Last nights leftovers, bang bang chicken salad

Yes it’s absolutely amazing. 5 weeks down, 47 to go

A whole year? Jesus!

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Going to have a mushroom and red onion omelette. Maybe some beans too

Might not make it or run out of money but that’s the plan.

Pretty pretty good

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What should I have for lunch from the pool bar?

  • Fish and chips for the second day in a row and the third time so far
  • Spaghetti Bolognese for the first time
  • Cheese omelette and chips for the second time
  • Burger and chips for the first time
  • Just salad for the second time (nah)

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pork chop, vegetables, and a diet coke.

mulligatawny and a buttery

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Oh I forgot

  • Chicken escalope with chips n salad
  • Pizza (which looks terrible)

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