Lunch thread?


I’m off work so going to get some fish and chips. There’s a really good takeaway half an hour from where I live so having a nice walk down. Can’t wait.


too hot fish and chip



carrot cake


roll with chorizo, olives, brie and rocket
salt and vinegar squares
coke zero


Some sushi and veg gyoza


Salad which included some funky pinky purple and ever so tasty cous-cous.



yes please


McDonald’s Tennessee stack, literally the only ltd edition burger they’ve done that is any good


Had my crisps earlier, so lunch box is looking miserable with just my bagel (pastrami, cheese + sauerkraut).

Might get something off the salad bar to accompany. Maybe just a bit of salmon or something.


kind of brought half a salad. meant I had to get some stuff from the shop like hot sauce and a bit of veg.

basically ended up paying £5 plus whatever I spent making half the salad.

having a mare


hot sauce salad?


Leftover curry. Today is too hot for curry. Last night was too hot for curry. I’ll need to have it again for dinner tonight. Why is there not a facepalm emoji?



Mute functions



Cheese and pickle sandwich






Fasting today and don’t know what to eat tonight, have leftover green smoothie and leftover crispy tofu noodles (pictured) but not enough for my giant meal tonight. Might buy stuff to make chocolate cake and veggie hotdogs. Eat leftovers and with the energy, cook


Chana masala, bombay potato and mixed vegetable curry on biryani with a side of mango chutney


how’s the fasting going?

not sure how the lads here are coping - especially with me constantly stuffing things in my face 24/7.