Lunch thread?

what you havin’?

gonna order a pizza I think and hate myself as a result

Really fancy some lentil soup, might get it later though.

mexican three bean wrap, salt and vinegar chiplets, breakfast berry smoothie

(no colins or percy pigs today)

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just had some sort of slice with a packet of chiplets and a ribena.

got a packet of ‘tasters’ for second breakfast m4?

the fuck?


I think its some sort of animal feed.


don’t blame me, blame spenos!

I had a whole bag of mint aero bubbles :scream: I was sat mindlessly eating them and then they were done! WHAT?

Are we reaching peak baby-talk?

nah, had me a packet of full brexit walkers ready fucking salted for my lunch. its just eric.

oh right. yeah, they’re dead nice them. I like to crush the bag to fuck and pour the dust down my throat.

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they are delicious ngl. delicious chiplets.

Left over veg and noodles wanged a load of sriracha on top. Job done.

Then some mint dark chocolate thin things.

Same as yesterday.

Salami + cream cheese bagel
Bag of mini cheddars
2-finger Cookies and Cream Kit Kat.

It’ll be the same tomorrow, as well.

Had a jacket potato for the first time in ages. Chilli and cheese on top. Enjoyable.

Vegetable curry with coconut, turmeric, chilli and peanuts, served with fragrant steamed rice, fresh Viet shredded salad and pickled vegetables

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a homemade egg and salad sandwich, and a banana

should have got some crisps or something, but I ate loads of them in the pub last night