Lunch Thread



I want to buy a sandwich that has loads of hot juicy stuff literally spilling out of it but I don’t know where to go for such a thing


I had a veggie breakfast earlier from…um…wetherspoons

was alright. that’s me now til tonight


Lamb patty and a bag of crips.

Might be tempted by whatever is on offer in the canteen.


salt beef bagel


In the queue at KFC for my first double down burger of the run.


What should I have?

  • Quorn fish finger sandwich
  • Cauldron veg sausage sandwhich
  • Linda Mac spinach and mushroom wellington bites
  • Chipotle bean and quinoa soup
  • Walk to the dog to The Turkey and have a pub lunch

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was a Leon hero today.

had a felafel wrap and their baked chips that are blatantly not baked.


Work canteen has had a revamp and they have lots of advertising for their veg and vegan range.

What do they have on offer? Chips, baked potatoes and beans. Luckily I’m a fully paid meat eater and had Kung po chicken.


Really fancy chips n beans in the canteen now after reading that…


I like how there’s a massive picture of a fish on that


magic wrap. not bad.





Injera with 4 curries (potato/carrot/pea, spinach, chickpea, brown lentils) and pickle.


They’re always fucking cold!


Wow, you’ve won today.


this guy wins every day!


I can’t for the life of me decide
Been walking around aimless for about 20 mins


the chips or the wrap? wrap was nicely warm, but yeah, the chips weren’t hot.


oh man thank god I thought I was the only person who did this


Bacon sarnie.

Where’s the Thursday daily/filth thread.