Lunch Thread

i’ve come to the conclusion that he’s trolling us all with his extravagant lunches. he probably sits in subway and eats the same thing every day.

The chips
I’ve never had them hot

Probably gonna end up with a shit sandwich from pret and some gyoza

Or subway
I could get subway

Carvery in the canteen.

A load of beautiful roast lamb under all that veg, gravy, potatoes and stuffing. Mmm-mmmmm


jesus, fucking, christ.

goona need a jazz nap after that dude!

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Was going to crack on with my patty until a couple of colleagues sat down next to me with it. Looked - and tasted - soooo gooood.

Good job I don’t have much work to do this afternoon…

too many sprouts, but still

Nice dal left over from last night, plus some baked onion bhaijs. Lime pickle as standard. Awesome.


Am not a fan of the quorn fish fingers - not close enough to the real thing.

We’re both working from home today, so Mrs Z made us a Japanese Veg Curry. Yum.

I had a jacket potato with beans, and a bananananananananana