Lunch thread

Sorry im late! What ya have?

I took a picture especially for this thread, glad you didn’t let me down Eric.

Can anyone guess what it is?


I dont think i can tbh!

Had leek and potato soup as I was still a bit full from breakfast.

Love a leek n potato

Was very good. Canteen in this place is quite nice, will miss it when I go.

deep fried large cat paws and salad.


Not eaten yet today. Annoyance level - 15/10

I had some toast and pâte (Ardennes)

king of pâte

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I’d be writing a strongly worded letter mate!!!

its haggis isn’t it.


mushroom turnovers.

Nope. What else is now popular to bread and deep fry?

Just reheated some of the ragu al bolognese I made the other day and some tagliatelle. Theres tons of it.


okay, i’m done. what is it?

Good effort. Macaroni cheese. I ate one and that was enough.

that’s ridiculous.

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