Lunch thread?



Regale me with tales of lunchtime and choose mine for me!

  • Beans on Toast
  • Fishfinger Sandwiches

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breakfast burrito


I knew you wouldn’t let my tag down.


where’s my burito!


I had lamb keema. Now I’m eating a yogurt.



Beef and dumpling ready meal.


Chickpea spinach and tomato curry with no rice and no bread. Dieting sucks


I ate my leftover chilli tofu at 11:08am :frowning:

gonna have to go grab second lunch in a bit


Got a ciabatta with some cheese in it and a packet of crisps. Pretty boring lunch.


Which crisps?


Chose pork and apple sauce on brown baguette over tuna mayo on white bread. Not sure I made the right decision and it’s haunting me.


Ready salted walkers, the most boring of all the crisps. Also have a banana, I think this is the most generic lunch you could possibly get.


Just tasted a tonne of canapes so no ‘lunch’ for me I reckon (will get hungry at 3/4 and gorge I reckon)

On the plus side I ate some amazing serrano ham covered halloumi skewers, some cajun scallops, and a some chorizo scotch egg bites :pray::pray:


I was all for the cheese ciabatta, but yeah, that is pretty generic. Hopefully it’s at least a tasty one.


Tough decision that… not sure there is a right choice.


The brown baguette itself was nice, but the filling wasn’t. I feel the opposite would have been true of the tuna mayo.

Why is life so hard.


Why does this happen every time I ask DiS to choose a meal for me?


You could have fish fingers between 2 slices of toast with some beans on the side.


i gotta say it:

i utterly fucking love beans on toast