Lunch thread

Never do these, but am fucking hungry today, mates. What you got going on?

I’m gonna make a mozarella, pesto and tomato sandwich in a little bit :relaxed: one of the greatest sandwiches in the world.

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Mother Clucker have opened on exmouth market so may go and get their combo strip deal :drooling_face:

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dunno. need to eat lunch before 1pm but that bacon sarnie i had earlier means i’m not that hungry


might just go and get some soup? idk.

want some chicken with that mayo?


was supposed to be finishing early and meeting t’missus for a nice lunch in leeds but our littlest is apparently “sick” and needs to be picked up from school. :frowning:

leftover dahl :yum:


… for R, I just have wraps with a bunch of salad and one solitary leftover falafel.


Really fancy some camembert. Something hot and cheesy and gooey.

SFPP later though?

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was gonna say WHAT IS THIS A PIZZA FOR ANTS?!?!


got some thai soup and a massive yogurt

might have to get an afternoon snack

For sure, just letting R get in on the action early (he is usually with his dad on a Friday so misses out).

@profk I guess toddler portions of pizza aren’t much above ant levels.

should be at least…3 times as big


I had a salad pita. it was nice.

Thinking what I can get for dinner now…

Pasta with mushroom and tarragon cream sauce thing from the canteen. Fine/10

Bhel Puri (extra spicy)

Made this chilli earlier, now it’s in the slow cooker for another hour or so. Looks like a hot mess, tastes delicious.


that a vege chilli?

Vegetable jambalaya from Nusa Kitchen :ok_hand: