Lunch thread



I kind of want a thai red curry but I don’t know if it’s too hot for that


About to do a cheese toastie


Burrata, grilled red peppers and rocket on a rosemary focaccia


I was so greedy last night I have stretched my stomach and nothing can satisfy my appetite now


My pal got a yellow thai curry and enjoyed it despite the heat.


What is it?

I got a veggie Pied with sweet potato fries which turned out to be a big lump of pizza dough with cheese and spinach on top. Ok but not great.


Had a small bucket of slush puppie :+1:


Cuzzer buzzer (beef phaal with all the extras) and a bottle of punk ipa in the park :burrito: :beer:

Now back at my desk, quite sleepy.


what colour?


that’s a very interesting composition

think i’m having a chicken wrap, with some cottage cheese (because i have some left in the office :man_shrugging: )


blue and red


Thai tofu baguette and 2 summer rolls. Was dead good. Can of diet irn bru out of shot. 6 beans. Would eat again.


Where did you purchase that?


Cheese and tomato omelette with some cuqs on the side

Was way too much, kinda need a nap now but want to be outside


Pastrami sandwich, apple, banana, M&S chocolate teacake.




I put 'shrooms and garlic in it and it was :ok_hand:


Non viet sauchiehall


Fox’s Ginger Crunch Creams…