Lunch thread

Wit yous eating?

I’m having a fish finger sandwich. Got no red sauce in the house though! Does habanero go with fish fingers? Cholula? Horseradish? You’ve got 12 minutes to help…

Horseradish. Maybe lighten it with a little mayo.

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Same as yesterday. Got a slightly bigger portion of broccoli today though, you’ll be interested to know.

Went to wasabi for tofu bento. Shout out to my man @1101010

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Haggis pakora, Bombay potatoes, salad



That’s what I was thinking might workm

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Indian, again?

Blame the canteen! I’m innocent

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Leftover paneer Jalfrezi, doesn’t look much but it was nice


Indian, again??

Have you got any mayo? Some hot sauce in with the mayo would be pretty good.

I wasn’t the one complaining about having too much curry!

you can keep the salad, but otherwise i’d be all about that

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I meant the cholola, wouldn’t mix horseradish and mayo :grimacing:

It’s quite nice. Chuck some mustard in there too.

Salad Cream is my backup fishfinger sandwich sauce.

Had quinoa sweet pepper chilli again.


I should get some Japanese food tomorrow

Went the horseradish mayo route. Did the job well enough. Cheers @anon19035908.

Will make sure I’ve got ketchup in next time though.

Satay Tempeh with brown rice, spinach, roasted veg, sauerkraut, chilli sauce and a sprinkling of selected seeds