Lunch thread


I’m channeling @bugduv today



I’ve got left over vegetarian paella with spinach and maybe a chocolate milk drink (unless I save the drink for tomorrow). I’ll probably go up to the park to have it, although I think it’s a bit cold again today.


You are looking at a lunch that cost about £1.74 (I had the other half of the can yesterday with another pouch of that rice.)


fucking hell theo


But at what cost to your dignity?


Are you eating dog food?




Refried beans. I’m not sure if there is another food that looks so bad and tastes so good.


It’s the beans, they just look weird when the come out of the tin.


Them Uncle Bens rices aren’t that bad. They certainly compare favourably to the Tilda or Veetee ones. Bollocks to cooking rice yourself, life’s too short for that.

When i can’t be arsed cooking i mix one of the Mexican ones you’ve got there with baked beans, sweetcorn and (cold) tuna. Sounds repulsive, but it’s decent Sunday stodge that’s not that bad for you comparatively.


Looks like the crime scene from the Amanda Knox case.


I’ll be having a ham & pickle roll, some carrot sticks with humous, some fruit and a bag of cheese and onion crisps, at a total cost of £lessthantheo’smiserylunch


Lentil and roast quorn salad. Lentil allegedly went off sept 2015 but I am still alive so far. Satsuma, Werther’s original


And you pair it with a nice cold can of Stella, right?


Citation needed.

(Some good budgeting there, Aggpass, but my lunch was FUCKING GLORIOUS MEXICAN FOOD FLAVOURS.)


I had a smoked haddock sandwich and an apple. I’ll probably have a coffee and a mini Mars bar in a minute.


Pitta STUFFED with: feta, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, jalapenos, bit of olive oil.


Cheap crisps

Shit yogurt




Coffee will be coming next, yeah. Going to be using my cheap plastic dripper for that, FYI @Epimer


Was the yoghurt expected to be shit or were you facing a disappointment?

I have my yoghurt as part of breakfast.


pack of rolls - £1ish
pack of ham - £3
multipack of crisps - £1ish
loadsa carrots - 50p
couple pots of houmous - £1.50
Fruit - free (provided by work)

week’s worth of lunches - £7ish