If pinky can start the day thread at 3 in morning or whatever, then I can start the lunch thread now.

Anyway, I’m having banana baps for lunch (reminds me of childhood). I’m given one of them a twist with the addition of nutella and peanut butter. I’ve never tried this before but it’s guaranteed to be great isn’t it?

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Not a fan of sweet sandwiches for lunch, I must admit.

I will need to purchase something but know knows what.

how long have i been asleep


Got some leftover roasted veg, cous cous, chickpeaks and halloumi from last night (tory lunch), an apple and some of these bad boys…

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Dunno yet. Probs a soup.

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I bought rolls last night for the pate I have in the fridge forgetting I had crumpets in my drawer. Plus I brought my barely drinkable Huel crap in with me.

Might just go hungry.

I’m definitely not a fan of those bought from supermarkets for lunch, just got sick of them. Beside, they’re ridiculously expensive, all that money for two bits of bread and something in between?

Boots meal deal


I’mm probably get a salad from the cafe at work isn’t it

Blender. Needs a blender.

Well I was going to fuck off home at lunchtime under the pretence of “not feeling great” (translation: cba), but my car troubles have seen to that so instead of a Co-op feast I’ll be having canteen slop.

it is

I add the water here at work.

I’m not sure it’s the consistency that’s the problem, I think it’s the volume and that as the temperature rises it becomes less palatable. If it was ice cold I wouldn’t have a problem.

Yeah, I run the tap for ages to get it nice and cold, and add almond milk from the fridge. That really helps.

I might try that. Ta.

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Classic Know

made a salad innit

Guys nothing is going to make this better

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Yeah but I’ve done it and it has, so

Dunno, fridge and cupboards are pretty much bare - think I’m going to have a few hours sleep instead to make up for the past 15 hours travelling…

This is as good a place as any to vent about the food on the flight though - the evening meal had a cucumber salad as the starter and the breakfast was a mushroom omelette, what a fucking shambles.