• brie, roast pepper and rocket sarnie (8/10)
  • burton’s fish n chips (10/10)
  • rocky caramel (7/10)

…i need a coffee. wbu?

:sob: I ate it all ages ago eric, I really want a coffee but I have no milk :sob:

i have a leftover lentil curry but no fork, just a pitta bread to mop it into my mouth. it’s giving me anxiety and I’m just waiting for a few people to go out for lunch before I’m comfortable eating it at my desk.

Ive been terrible lately, usually eat pre-12 but been good today

Same, it hits 11 and I want it all, I’m not even hungry, I’m just a monster.

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exact same :sweat:

Vegetable lasagna (contains wheat and milk).

wheaten bread and cheese
one of those posh vanilla yoghurts
probably something else

I’ve got:

2 x Warburtons sandwich thins (seeded) filled with pepperoni and cream cheese
2 x Higgidy mini pork and pancetta sausage roll things
1 x Bag of wheat crunchies
1 x Penguin (I will share the joke with you shortly)

I’m really hungry though, so might even have something off the salad bar in the canteen as well if it looks decent.

Feel like a bit of comfort eating tbqfh. Might go a burrito


1 x wholemeal roll with cheese and cucumber
1 x McCoys salt and vinegar
1 x banana
1 x Reese’s peanut butter cups (3 in pack)

  • ham and pickle sandwich on homemade wholemeal bread;
  • banana
  • granola bar

Off to the beer garden next door :thumbsup:

cheese and onion mini quiche
chorizo bon bon’s
demi baguette

all from waitrose. very nice it was as well.

M&S paprika potato salad (8/10)
M&S freekeh, cous cous and tahini salad (7.5/10)
M&S sushi snack selection (6.5/10)
1 x M&S lemon Whitby bun (7/10)
A cuppa tea

Would lunch again

Spinach and ricotta Tortellini with green pesto and roast veg
Muller Light, Strawberry
s&v McCoys

the wheaten bread and cheese will soon become eaten bread and cheese

still can’t find any mccoy’s chips or would have them

will probably have whatever the cafe downstairs’ special is


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Oh never mentioned what it was -

Big fuck off roll with moroccan houmous, cheese and cucumber and two jaffa cakes, plus I’ve got two misery bananas on standby.