Burrito for me, clive.

U? (Visuals optional.)


Hummus toast.


Nice 1. Identical to the lunch I had with Theo the other day (large veggie?)

Had pie and mash from the cafe, with a rice pudding for… pudding.

Very full now.


Just had a chicken and bacon pasta thing from Aldi. Not bad.


I also had a burrito, albeit from KFC.

Spilled a bit down my work shirt, didn’t I?

So fat at the moment, but I’m loving the food. Maybe won’t eat dinner tonight, go for a run and do a workout. Drumming for two hours too. Would be a start.


Yep except i didnt have the veg/peppers and got double beans instead


if you had started this thread 5mins earlier you could have had a photo of my mince & tatties.

you’ll just have to use your imagination.




Seriously, it’s worth a shot.




Big fan of these things, the Singapore noodle is deffo my fave though. Well worth a punt when they’re on offer at your supermarket of choice.

Really fancy a can of coke, but must resist.


i dont believe you but go on, tell us what’s in it


Chef at work is trying out some recipes so my lunch has been stealing bits of:

Arancini balls
Beef and horseradish pie
Lamb shank
Veggies, roast potatoes, yorkshire puds
Panna cotta (3 types: chocolate/ amaretto/ rhubarb)


I had corn instead of fries.


Nah m8


I’ll probably have a muffin (english) and jam


Ate it already. Obvs.

EDIT: Just realised it’s 2, I ate mine at 11.


pizza and chips


Im weirdly not tempted by an early lunch if im at home. Just a way to put off doing work i guess.


at home looking after poorly child so no exciting city based lunch options today. Had a ham, Y fenni cheese and spicy chutney sandwich with a bag of plain walkers crisps. Water on the side.