Idea me.

I had a cold slice of pizza that had aubergines on it


Body is too similar to something I recently posted.


I had my lunch for breakfast so I might have my breakfast for lunch. I had a BLT for breakfast, sooooo fruit and yoghurt for lunch? Maybe I’ll just have another BLT.

Apocalyptically grim.


Aye… they never quite look their best when microwaved, I think all premade pasta things like that should have another mountainous layer of cheese piled on top before being blasted in a raging firehole… or an oven.

I had a salad from home supplemented with a Greggs vegetable bake. Would recommend/10.

Leftover lasagna

It was delicious Steve. And the roof of my mouth isn’t burnt at all.

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I had the fish sushi selection from M&S. was noticeably better than the Tesco equivalent which I guess is what you want from them. Following it up with some cherries.

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The only sushi on the high street that uses Japanese rice apparently

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Leftover butternut squash risotto, a mango and some shortbread.

You can never go wrong with another BLT.

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had big mac

mmm healthy!

toast and houmous, olives (black)

Bag f mini cheddars and a spicy veg pattie.

Got a wee bag of toffee popcorn for in a bit.

Same as yesterday sans Calippo.