Ham & mustard mayo sandwich
Tesco own brand fake frazzles (better than frazzles imo)
Satsuma x 2

pretty alright actually/10


burrito again :sweat:


Had to pick up festival tickets so got a toastie from one of the stalls. Chorizo, red leicester, some nice peppers and rocket. It’s nice, but it was 6 quid


pitta bread and humous


and you got all of those fillings for free!?


6 quid!?! when you say stalls, do you mean at the festival?

EDIT: Sounds good though :smiley: :+1:


yeah in george square! it was pretty damn tasty though! :smiley:


Terrible roast beef, decent roast potatoes, gravy that was mostly lumps.

You English and your roasts, honestly.


Going to make beans on toast in the office. Haven’t done this before and I’ve been here for four years.

Terra incognita.




Yeah, it’s crazy expensive :confused: Went to a place down in the cowgate and had to pay like a billion quid for a tennents. BLEEURRRGH. We left pretty sharpish and went to a nicer craft beer place.




Wasn’t for me. I got a G&T :wink:


packet of walkers squares
Cheshire cheese sandwich (with tomato and olive bread)




wouldn’t mind a really grotty subway today



Okay, I’m going to the bar, what are you having?