What’s for lunch?

Dunno what sandwich filling to get - hot dogs or smoked salmon. Want something a bit smokey, see.


bit of both


falafel wrap (homemade)
mini cheddars
aldi skyr yogurt
tea + biscuits


Roll and squared sausage with fried egg plus caramel teacake. Had more square sausage in the last month than in my whole life.

Think you should go for hot dogs.




I had pumpernickel with mushroom paté, vegan ham, loads of mustard and cherry tomatoes


A Papus Place pitta wrap (chicken and bacon with salad and tzatziki)


Gonna be a Pret salad today. Having a super healthy, low-calorie week.


M&S meal deal

GF ploughmans sandwich
Fizzy orange
Beef crisps


Wholemeal pittas with houmous, spinach and these things;

Very exciting I’m sure we can all agree. Might have some grapes. The glamour never ends!


chicken mayo baggette, water, salt and vinegar golden wonder, twix



The owner of this branch (Mohammed) is talking to a random customer. She’s talking really slowly and clearly because he is a slightly different colour. He’s from Leicester.


I bet your points balance is through the roof!
(The random woman sounds like a weapon though)


I get my free sandwich whenever I can.

She’s just been talking to him about arranged marriages.

“No. I can choose. It’s doesn’t happen so much in this country”

“Oh well I just thought…”

Stop talking.


Have you ever saved them up and gotten more than one free one in a go? I once went in for my free one then when she scanned I realised there were loads of points left so I gasped “ANOTHER! :D” what a day that was.
Christ alive, how on earth does that conversation come up in a sandwich shop?! People, eh


Sausage roll not pictured.


Poached eggs and avocado on toast. Still hungry, might have some leftover lentil soup.




Chicken and Avocado with lemon mayo sandwich on multiseed
Vita Coco


Fruit and a dollop of yoghurt and now a small bag of popcorn. Looking forward to folding it into a triangle the most.