It’s 11:20, we can talk about lunch.

I’m off to KFC again to get another Texas thingy before they stop. Superb work.

What are you having for lunch, friends?

Strawberries, a banana and some grapes.


You can keep your KFC, pal, because I’ll be having

checks canteen menu

Network connectivity problems


tuna / sweetcorn / spring onion / spinach wrap
mini cheddars

might take a walk to tesco and get a yogurt or a chocolate bar? or both.

OR a yoghurt bar.

Left my lunch of pesto gnocchi at home so I’m gonna have to get something
Burgers and chips later so I should be kind of good?? But I’m very hungry

A nap, because I wfh and my boss is on holiday.

can’t decide. would like a big ol’ bowl of noodle soup but don’t know anywhere I can get one that I know will be nice

Pot Noodle and a kettle, job done.

probs gonna get some vegan chilli if the place isn’t too busy

microwaved chicken noodle soup and a tuna/spinach sandwich

you love kfc mate


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Either a bag of Mini Cheddars and a Peppered Steak Jinsters


Something nice from the canteen

I’m eating beans on toast RIGHT NOW. Late breakfast / early lunch.

Get some ham from your fam

i’m in Acton
Choices are… sparse

Greggs cheese & onion pasty followed by a rollie :nail_care:t2:

ended up with a kripsie kreme in the end didn’t i

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Fucking yes. What kind? I had the pecan one the other day. I really wish they’d bring back the strawberry gloss and toffee ring doughnuts into the supermarkets again :cry:

new york cheesecake

I ate it far too quickly