I’m going to have some lunch. Is anyone else going to have some lunch?

If so, what are you going to have for lunch?

Talking about lunch here people.


Leftover risotto. Had it already haven’t I.

Tarka dal soup

I’m going here:



Sainsos sandwich and a pint I think

ooooooo maybe I can source a bloody mary

#BeanzOn for the fourth day in a row. LOVING LIFE.



Two bags of Percy pigs for 3 squids


There was a new guy at the burrito truck who kept calling me ‘brother’ and proclaiming that everything I chose was a ‘great choice’ and was all peppy and shit, I do not like it

Yeah beans on too.

@cutthelights I am going to do this to all your drink choices on Saturday.


Huge amount of potato wedges & whole pack of Fry’s chia/rice protein “chicken nuggets” with probably way too much ketchup/barbecue sauce, carrot salad with honey mustard dressing. Alright, would eat again. After the gym, wasn’t it.

I think you were just served by Jamie Oliver.


Had chips and mushy peas from the chippy. Feel gross

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I’ve got two of those big cheese topped rolls with ham and cheese on 'em. Bag of mini cheddars also.

reckon he’d rustle up a good burrito tbf

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They’ve started putting melted fucking cheese on the veggie tortilla wraps, which used to be one of the few reliably safe options for me, so I had some veggie pakoras and mixed veg.

Pretty, pretty hungry still.

Some guy totally just skipped the queue and took my sodding flat white.