I am eating a vegan curry

It’s so spicy that it’s making me dizzy

What’s in your lunch boxes kids ?


Gonna hit up a Maccy D


Probably an M&S Turkey Feast sarnie



Friday is fish and chips day in the canteen, so I’ll be having whatever isn’t the fish, with a side of baked beans, mushy peas and a couple of pickled onions.

I hope it’s chili.


If only these chick peas were making me worry




there’s some kind of chicken katsu burger (?) going on downstairs so I’ll be in the queue for that at 12pm sharp


Burrito Friday for me, heading to Daddy Donkey. I’ve pretty much thought about nothing else all morning.


Wait wait wait the Christmas sandwiches are out?! Yessssssss


had a Boots triple the other day, was alright actually, and they have about 10 other xmas varieties at the moment




leftover pasta

had a buttered roll about an hour ago


WFH so having sticky BBQ chicken wraps with houmous, cucumber and lingham’s


Just the Turkey Feast atm


just smashed a big bowl of fish soup




stuck at home waiting for some work to be delivered so will be some misery leftovers


Very norsk!

Anyway I’m still in bed in the hostel thinking about where I can go for brunch/lunch that will also be ok for laptop based working for a couple of hours


Gunna cycle into town soon, buy Carcassonne and decide what I fancy for lunch