what have you?


think i’m going to get a massive sandwich


Beef and ale pie with mash and a pint.


just remembered i’ve got a gift card for wagamama that i’ve had since last christmas. maybe i should use that?


Need to get some new headphones don’t I


do you?


Christmas lunch isn’t til 2.30pm so I had a cheese ploughman’s roll at 11ish.

(What with that and the 6am haircut, I’m basically operating like my nan today)


Yes, they were in my bag I lost last night with notes for the crap novel I was writing




had a very big salad and then a caramel slice thing, feel sick now


oh right, unlucky


Left over pizza from last night.


You say this like it’s a bad thing!


She lives just down the road from you, looking at your postcode from the snow thread! (She’s just off Brigadier Hill)


Opposite ends of the postcode, so a few miles between us, but we do head past that way for the cinema fairly regularly


Fish n chips. Poor fish, good chips. Canteen has almost certainly got a new chef who is shit.


Brown rice, arame and tofu.


Had cookdaily

Now having a crosstown


Who jizzed on your chips tho


I thought it looked more like a bird had pooed on them…