Beat this

Also I have REALLY forgotten how to eat at my desk!?? I’ve spilt my lunch down me every day so far


i had soup with toast again


Falafel, Manny chutz and rocket bagel. Bag of cheese and onion crisps. Lion bar


Look at his wee face!



Mine was good, but it doesn’t beat that, so I resfuse to play.

Also, meow, it’s 1.49pm. That’s a late lunch.




If that’s shorthand for mango chutney, no


It is indeed.


Really hope that doesn’t catch on


covered in jizz.



Please try to be more supportive


mmm jizz


it won’t


I can try, but I can’t put my full (substantial) weight behind something I don’t 100% believe in


Vegan jizz ?


looks like a witches avatar




I selected 2/3 of my meal deal selections - then remembered I’d bought in lunch from home

Cheese and ham bagel with some baby spinach. Got a fake Club, 2x easy pealers and an apple still to eat


I know. I’ve got a later gym class tonight so I need to eat later. And a lot.