Lunch 🥗

Honestly m9s, this vegan :seedling: lark must be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, eating so much better & for a lot less money

The only downside is that I’ve become a food photographing wanker

What’s in your lunch bag?


Need to leave early today so it’s a misery packed lunch of two ham rolls, a packet of ready salted crisps and a Penguin.


more info about what’s in the first pic please

gonna get soup again i think

It’ll be roast in the canteen because it’s Wednesday. Not sure I can be arsed, but I’m also very hungry so I’ll probably eat the roast.

Made pasul last night and it was good but put too much of that veggie seasoning stuff in it so it’s a bit salty. Anyway, leftovers for lunch with a bit of bread.

Cheese and christmas chutney sandwich. When will it end m9s?

Yeah I have the wfh privilege today - yesterday was a tahini & salad sandwich with a carrot juice from a vege café that had nearly sold out of all the vegan options so not so good

Just a bog standard 60pence pea soup from the supermarket pimped up with a big dollop of grey poupon, some sliced leek & some chili flakes

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  • Soup
  • Cheese toastie

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These are the two options I can be bothered with today. Bear in mind, this may be like a coin toss where ignoring the sublimated decision reveals for true where did lie my desire

You gonna haggis up that toastie?

Tomato soup. Dip the cheese toastie in the soup. Win at life.



Just sought this out

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Oh man

I’ll be honest, you’ve shown me the presence of worlds beyond the bland capitalist walls we so laughably deem to be “the real world”


Wtf : D

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I’ve watched Wayne’s World maybe 50-60 times and never bothered seeking this out, until today.

My overriding thought here is what an absolute fucking piss take it must have been to be an ad exec in the 80s

Sandwich I reckon

Both. Dip the toastie in the soup.