Lunch 🥗


How very dare you


update: parsnip and apple soup. it’s quite apple-y.

with a cheese-topped roll, and some mini cheddars.

couple of satsumas and a handful of chocolates from the snack stash.


Don’t think I’d be into this at all.


the other option was cream of (“foraged”) mushroom which i regret not going for


Sophie’s Choice.


So this is my new jam when I get salad
I also get a flat bread and make a couple of salad wraps


What!? This is perfectly acceptable behaviour. What’s wrong with you?


You’ll be hearing from my pretend lawyer.



Been to see the Colonel. Boneless banquet with gravy and a couple of hot wings. Delicious, nutritious fried chicken.


when the jar is finished?


Keep seeing on Instagram a cafe near my work doing a new vegan haggis toastie and my resistance is slowly ebbing away.


Get on that chief #newyearnewme





Just toast and fruit but I had an excellent breakfast so it’s cool


1x houmous & salad pitta probably add some spice in somehow.
2 x raw carrots


Maybe as a #Fridaytreat

  • eat the misery bagel i brought with me
  • mate it’s your fucking birthday get a burrito or a pizza ffs

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I had a Tesco Mexican Bean soup and toast.

Currently having a coffee and a Dairy Milk.


Veggie Nasi Lemak with spiced egg, Asian slaw and rice.

Day 3 of my week of free lunches. The staff have figured it out now, no hassle at all. They even offered small taster cups with a sample of the chicken rice box. I declined, obviously.