This thread might be a waste of time since you’re all off having burritos. I’m not hungry in the slightest but I’m being forced into taking my lunch now so it’s cold prawn and avo sushi and a peach and vanilla danish thingy from m&s.

What about you?

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Cheese, Pickle and toast. Still hungry.


Tuna mayo East Anglian baked potato, side of mixed veg and some kind of turnip/squash mash.

It was fine, but I’d have preferred something with chips.

Sounds a bit too healthy

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I really wanted to stuff my face but the options were lamb moussaka (:nauseated_face: and also cheese), bacon steak (WHAT YEAR IS IT), mushroom stroganoff (:wind_face:) or baked potato.

Have you considered a packed lunch?

This lunch is free.

From the other thread…

I’ve just eaten a lunch I didn’t really need or want because expenses. I need help.


I can never enjoy an expensed lunch. Feel the need to keep it to the bare minimum.

I never go above £7.50 which seems to be acceptable.

I’m struggling to sympathise here…

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Tagliatelle w/salmon and stuff. I was enthusiastic about it, R was not :frowning_face:


I’m living off expenses for a week - leads to some terrible eating habits eg service station food.

Oh, that I sympathise with, it’s more the feeling obligated to have lunch bit :slight_smile:

Enjoy Ginsters at Reading Services

I don’t stoop that low

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