What’s for lunch? Got a massive pot noodle and a 'nana.

Don’t know yet, got the directors’ lunch in the board room today (buffet) and it’s catered. Always makes me a bit nervous as so much pressure to choose well and not overload your plate.

Could definitely go some noodles. Probs a salad though.

Going for 3rd pub lunch in a row. Wonder what my record is?

packet of thai red curry “pea snacks”
falafal wrap
coffee flavoured yogurt (???)

Same salad as yesterday but also a yoghurt and some hula hoops (ready salted)

Fancy an egg mayo roll

Just had leftover mushroom soup that I made last night and it was really unpleasant. Might have second lunch later.

Cheese sandwich, and some celery which I’ve managed to some of stuck in my teeth. All class.

It was also incredibly underwhelming. Definitely raiding the chocolate machine later.

Pork salad

I’m not sure if this would be a good thing or not.

Coffee : good
Coffee with dairy (i.e. milk) : good
Other dairy with the addition of coffee flavours : all I can think of is 1970s coffee icing

i’ve eaten it now, it was okay but i wouldn’t buy again

ate my lunch wrap an hour ago. not sure if I should

  • eat nothing until teatime
  • buy a snack
  • second lunch

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Chilli sin carne.

It’s quiet in the office today, so I’m free to get my bomp on this afternoon.

sandwich and bar of chocolate it is :+1:

No breakfast (except a lil granola) + no lunch, as im going with my good mate to Masters Superfish in a few hours to eat all the fish and chips and bread and cold prawns.

Went ~crazy~ and had a veggie burger for lunch. There wasn’t much to choose from as hardly anyone’s actually in work today.

Soup et bread