Turned yesterday’s tomato and pepper soup into a stew thing by chucking in some ripped up stale bread, cannelini beans and some chopped cherry tomatoes. It is currently warming up



Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon bagel - 2 bites to go at this point.


chicken left over from Sunday’s roast dinner in a sandwich


Any extras/snacks?


Nope, although I will no doubt nosh down on a flappy-J in an hour.


Poached egg on English muffin with paprika, some rocket and red pepper on the side.


It’s falafel Tuesday innit


My mother mocked the extreme precision with which I cut my toasties into triangles



Boots misery meal deal.

Ham and cheese
Walkers Prawn Cocktail
Innocent Smoothie ‘Energise’
Lindt bar


I’ll never be able to eat one of those again


warmed up fish pie from last night. but I got impatient with the microwave and ate it lukewarm.

should be ok right?




Had some gluten-free pasta that needed using up (love a bit of gluten but we got a bag of it in one of my dad’s weird food hampers he gets us for Christmas and I’m sick of the sight of it in the cupboard) and pesto I made last night


Comfortably the worst thing I’ve read on here.


mature cheddar on pumpkin and sunflower cob x2. all gone. banana to come.



an apple and a piece of cheese, same as every day


Get on with it, Corgan!


Better than eating beetles


going to have either beans on toast or cheese on toast, but I’m not sure yet